The bat mitzvah ceremony is an important and moving moment in a young woman’s life. In addition to tradition, the ceremony makes it clear that she is entering a new life phase: the stage of maturity and adulthood, with the responsibilities that go along with it.

A bat mitzvah ceremony on Masada is not just another bat mitzvah ceremony. The history of Masada – present in each stone and every corner – connects with the young woman’s personal experience and turns it into a spiritual and physical experience that will stay with her for her entire adult life.
The unique ceremony begins at the ancient synagogue on Masada. There, in the Aron Hakodesh room, the service takes place and the guests read Tehilim from the Book of Psalms. After the service, the young woman greets the guests and afterwards her father blesses her with the Birkat Habanot blessing. The bat mitzvah girl is also honored with a blessing from the site’s rabbi, who provides her with a certificate indicating that the ceremony took place on Masada.
But the experience does not end there. After the ceremony, there is a show that will surprise all those present, and afterwards a unique workshop takes place: a challah-baking workshop. The workshop is conducted in the spirit of the Second Temple, with the instructor dressed up as a resident of Masada. The bat mitzvah girl blesses on the dough offering, and all the guests enjoy braiding and baking. At the end they enjoy the fruit of their labor by eating the challah with olive oil and za’atar (hyssop).
The ceremony is modular – it can be personalized to meet the needs of the family. Also, the ceremony can be conducted in a number of languages: Hebrew, English, French, Italian, and Russian. Also, for an additional fee, you can take a guided tour of Masada after the ceremony.
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