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There are many moving ways to celebrate a bar mitzvah, but there is one way that is especially moving: celebrating the event at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

If you are worried about the event and are not sure that you will know how to manage it correctly, let us reassure you. The Western Wall Heritage Fund will help you arrange this meaningful ceremony, so that you will be able to concentrate on the most important thing – being called to the Torah.

The help you will receive includes all aspects, both logistic and religious. The guide will organize a bima for you, provide you with tefillin if you do not have your own, and guide you throughout each step of the bar mitzvah. It is highly advisable to book a guide at least one month in advance.

While at the Western Wall, take advantage of the location to go on enriching tours in the area:

The Western Wall Tunnels: This tour is a fascinating and exciting journey through time, following the history of the Western Wall and the Jewish people. On this tour you will see the hidden parts of the wall, view the biggest stone in the wall and much more.

The Generations Center: Here you will be able to listen to and experience the moving story of the Jewish people, through the media of music, archeology, sculpture, and more. You will experience a moving multi-sensory experience that will connect you to your most ancient roots.

Tour of the Jewish Quarter: Discover the magic of the Old City, hear the fascinating stories, and walk along the path of history. The tour is led by experienced guides and can be coordinated to end at the event hall or at a prearranged meeting place. Please note: These tours are for a fee and should be booked approximately six months in advance.

One of the highlights of a bar or bat mitzvah at the Western Wall is the opportunity for the boy or girl to lead his or her family and their guests on a tour of one of the many historical sites in Jerusalem: the Generations Center, the Western Wall Tunnels, the archeological park, the Jewish quarter, and more. The program includes prior preparation with the tour guide, a tutorial, and guidance on the day of the celebration. The boy or girl who leads his/her relatives at a Jewish historical site will experience a unique feeling of spiritual elevation that no other activity can provide.

The bar or bat mitzvah celebration at the Western Wall is an experience that combines emotion, tradition, great joy, and ancient Jewish history. It is an experience that will connect you to your roots and remain with you for a lifetime.

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