Israel it's all about fun….now it's your turn to experience it!
A bat mitzvah ceremony on Masada is a deeply spiritual and meaningful experience – both for the young woman and for her family and friends
The southernmost city in Israel offers is a dizzying array of recreational activities, beaches and attractions. All you need to do is choose.
A Bar Mitzvah ceremony at this important historic site is a moving, majestic event that will stay with the Bar Mitzvah boy for life
Do you want to be called to the Torah at the Western Wall, but are not sure that you can organize the event? The Western Wall Heritage Fund will help you organize all aspects so that you can focus on the exciting event.
Spreading over 62 acres, the two-tiered park centers on a vast man-made lake complete with waterfalls and side pools, surrounded by spacious lawns and shaded beauty spots. The park includes a wildlife savannah with free-roaming animals and a visitor's train that provides transportation throughout the park with several stations along the route - excepting Saturdays and holidays.
To hike among the luscious trees of the north, to float on the surface of the Dead Sea, and to connect to the desert in the south. The combination of nature hikes and rural lodging is a winning combination throughout Israel.
From north to south, Israel is full of touring routes that allow visitors to delve into the country's history. Come get a taste.