Kadoorie Agricultural High School is one of the most important educational institutions in the history of the state of Israel. Several of Israel’s most distinguished political, military and cultural leaders were educated within its confines. The school’s aspiration of rasinig an Israeli society which respects and embraces all of the country’s various cultures is a legacy born proudly by its graduates.
Israel is rich with history. The whole country can be seen as a giant museum for archeology and history of the Jewish people, and that of the entire human civilization. Had time travel been possible, Israel would have surely been a popular destination.
Tel-Aviv, the first Hebrew city, is a lively metropolis, mentioned alongside the world's leading cities with its skyscraper line and busy business and culture centers that make it an attraction for tourists from all over the world
From the holy city of Jerusalem, from the Western Wall – a place from which the Divine Presence has never departed – I send my blessings to you and yours: May G-d bless you from Zion and may you see the good of Jerusalem all the days of your lives.
The combination of history, landscape and ancient synagogues makes Safed the ideal location for a bar or bat mitzvah ceremony. The Bat-Bar Mitzvah Center provides lessons and training that will enrich your spiritual experience.
A Bar Mitzvah ceremony at this important historic site is a moving, majestic event that will stay with the Bar Mitzvah boy for life
The monuments scattered around the country are evidence of the strength of the Jewish people and a reminder of the price that we have paid for our independence
Go on a trip in the Jezreel Valley and meet strong, brave female characters from the Bible who helped the Jewish People with their courage and resourcefulness.