In the Judean Desert, near the Dead Sea, lies a lovely oasis, filled with green vegetation and animals - Ein Gedi. Ein Gedi is the second largest oasis in the country, which has the highest waterfall out of the Golan.
Tefen Open Museum sits between plants and trees, as sounds of birds and mechanical work rising in the air, right in the middle of Industrial Park Tefen.
A bar or bat-mitzvah trip to Israel often exposes those who come to the country to the rich history of the Jewish people.
All of Israel rejoices at most cheerful holiday of all - Purim. Every year, Jews all over the country and the world commemorate the victory of Mordecai over Haman, as described in the story that everyone knows well since kindergarten - Book of Esther.
This article is written in a time when the citizens of Israel prepare for the Knesset election, choosing their representatives in the Jewish State's parliament.
At the lowest point in the world hides a famous natural wonder, which attracts thousands of visitors each year - the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea was formed at the Great Rift Valley and in through its center passes the border between Jordan and Israel.
Founded in 1940, Holon is one of Tel Aviv's suburbs at the center of Israel.
Many cultural institutes in Israel are considered leaders in the different arts.
Flowing rivers and waterfalls of loess and rainwater are one of the most amazing sights in Israeli winter. Arid regions are suddenly filled with huge river during the rainy season – washing away furiously soil and rocks.
Israel's uniqueness lies in the tremendous geographic variety spread over such a small area: it has 3 different seas, the Negev desert, green nature in the north, and also, the Israeli version of the Alps - Mount Hermon.